Travel Playlist 14: Running Edition

A couple of years ago I ran a half marathon, and loved it.

It was the Brighton Half, which goes up and down the gorgeous, fairly flat, sea front. It was a sunny day, the crowds were fantastic and I did the whole thing.

I’m not quite sure how I did it seeing as a half marathon is 13.6 miles, and before hand the furthest I had run was 11 miles. But my mum had said she had only done about the same before her first half marathon, so I blindly went into the race with the vague knowledge that it would probably all be alright. To be fair, it was. Aside from pulling a tendon in my foot within the first couple of miles (it was for charity, so I of course soldiered on) but I think I actually did it before the race, but it got worse doing the half.

60244_BHM14_JSR_005718 2.jpg

Anyway, I know the half marathon season is upon us and I’m sure lots of you will have pledged to run one as part of your New Years resolution, so I thought I’d share the songs that got me through mine. And if you’re not doing any running, the songs are still good for travel purposes.

Firstly, The Electric Light Orchestra – Mr Blue Sky.

This was the first song on my playlist, and fantastic at getting your feet in motion.

Secondly, is the song that I shared after completing the half marathon:

Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

Just listening to it makes me want to do another one.






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