New Zealand Adventure: Post 1

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack!


Well, in body. My heart and mind are very firmly, stubbornly, still in the Southern Hemisphere. When I close my eyes I’m currently sitting on a sunny balcony overlooking Queenstown, with my new favourite people in the whole world, sipping wine (or in some of their cases downing bottles of neat Jack Daniels). Alas, however, the reality is I’m sat in my study, freezing cold, with the very worst travel blues I think it’s possible to have. That said, at least I am no longer suffering with the crippling jet-lag. Let me tell you, jet-lag is absolutely no joke. For a good week after I got home I could not, try as I might, stay up past 7pm, or wake up any later than 5.30am. I essentially reverted to babyhood. Not fun.

Q town
Beautiful Queenstown, surround by ‘The Remarkables’ mountain range

So, I survived the 30 hour journey there, I survived the madness of the Contiki tour (just), I survived a whole week with my exuberant, puppy-dog like big brother (who FYI marched me round 35km of the Banks Peninsula Track in 1 and a half days, almost killing me – but you’ll hear about that later), and then I survived the 30 hour journey back. It’s fair to say I’m very proud of myself for making it through my first solo travel experience. I mean, it was fairly touch and go at some points. The party all night, sight-see all day attitude of Contiki really pushed me to my limit, but it was bloody amazing fun.


Anyway, the upside of being back in fair England is I get to tell you all about my wonderful adventures – something I plan to do in a few posts over the coming weeks (there is far too much to say to condense into one post). So, sit back, relax and prepare to feel wildly jealous of my incredible trip.

Mount cook
Yes, NZ actually does look like this. Postcard perfect.

I can’t wait to tell you more, starting with my arrival into Christchurch, meeting up with the Contiki crew and our first 2 days in Franz Josef. See you next time.

Lucy x


9 thoughts on “New Zealand Adventure: Post 1

  1. Hi Lucy, sounds like you had a brilliant trip to NZ. Queenstown really is an amazing place isnt it. And the scenery is absolutely incredible wherever you stop, we loved it. Still travelling around as part of our little JWalking trip ( and like you just dont want it to end. Looking forward to reading your posts about it.


    1. Hi Jonno! I did indeed have an absolutely amazing trip to NZ – would go back tomorrow if I could! Queenstown is beautiful and probably my favourite place. Your trip looks wonderful, you lucky things getting to be there as long as you have been – 3 weeks was just not enough for me.
      Glad you’re looking forward to reading my posts. The next one will be out next Tuesday.


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