My New Year

If you’ve been keeping up with our recent posts, you’ll know we’ve been talking about our best and worst travel moments of 2015, and of course, our 2016 resolutions.

My personal resolution was to do more solo travel, and I didn’t mention at the time of the post, but I had it all planned out; I was going to go hiking on dartmoor on New Year’s Eve, and watch the sunset on 2015 in the beautiful Devonian wilderness therefore starting 2016 as I meant to go on.

Alas, I checked the weather, and it was set to be AWFUL. Like torrential rain, storms, wind, everything you don’t want for your first solo venture of this kind. So, with great sorrow, I decided against the trip.

Yep. I woosed out at the first hurdle. Instead, I stayed in and dog sat, reorganised my life (aka I did chores and stuff), listened to Edward Sharpe and the Counting Crows, and drank ale by the fire. Like, the complete opposite of what I originally planned. BUT I decided that no matter what, I was going to start 2016 in keeping with my goals.

So, I made sure that on the stroke of midnight… I was outside. This might not sound like much, but it was one small step towards my big one.

I brewed up a cup of winter tea, then Ralph the dog and I ventured outside. Aside from a murmurs from the pub down the road, and an owl twit-twooing, it was all quiet. I watched the stars, took a breath and thought about everything 2016 might have to come (in between stopping Ralph from attempting to jump in the pond towards his own reflection).

Plus, during the day, I went out and started to collate things ready for when I am; a drybag, some new hiking socks etc. The main thing I’ve always believed in is planning, so there’s no real reason I should approach this any differently.

One day (soon), I will go hiking. Hopefully on Dartmoor. And I’ll be prepared.

If anyone has any good tips for me they’d be much appreciated! It looks like I need them…

How are your resolutions going?






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