Travel Playlist : NYE Edition

New Years Eve. Whether you’re in, out or shaking it all about elsewhere, music is a good addition. As with every Sunday, here are some of my suggestions for your playlist.

I’ve not gone with straight up club bangers, because you’ve got them sorted already. Instead, I’ve gone with one old and one new personal fave of mine.

First up, is my favourite song from 2015. For once, it’s not country, it’s not folk, for once, it’s not even alternative. It’s straight up pop, coming from the mouth of the one and only, Mr Nick Jonas.

Listen, and try not to dance.*


Teacher – Nick Jonas

* Don’t lie. I can see you tapping your foot.

Clever little video, isn’t it? I don’t think he even released a full one. I don’t mind… I did watch it roughly 9 million times.



Secondly, NYE is not necessarily the night for new stuff. It’s more of a time for reminiscing about the year and playing all your old favourites. BUT one part of it, that we all know and love, is of course the making of NY Resolutions. Often, high on people’s lists, is trying new things. If this is the case, I’d like to suggest a baby step towards something new… Man Like Me. 

CNV00024.JPGI first saw them at Truck Festival a good few years back now and they absolutely blew me away. I’ve now seen them three times, and would happily see them any day of the week. They are SO much fun, and put out such a good energy that they’re perfect for a New Year Playlist. Plus, the songs are crazy catchy, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the words – you can pick them up or just clap along.

Carny – Man Like Me

Their song ‘Party’ is equally bangin’ by the way. Actually, pretty much every Man Like Me song is. If you’re thinking ‘I recognise these guys from somewhereeee…’ You might well do. They were the ASOS House band not long ago, and put out some hilarious little tunes. Such as this one:

What are you going to be doing this New Year?





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