Christmas Eve #TBT and #FoodFriday

Happy Christmas Eve!

Seeing as it’s Christmas Day tomorrow (hasn’t it come around quick?!) I won’t be writing my usual Food Friday post – ironically I think we’ll all be too busy eating. So I thought I’d merge today’s Throwback Thursday and tomorrow’s Food Friday, by flashing back to a particularly good stop off on last year’s Christmas trip to Holland… The Rotterdam Market Hall.

The trip in itself was pretty food centred, but this was a highlight. I mean, I wrote about it in the post titled ‘Bond and Bakeries in Rotterdam’.

Firstly, LOOK AT IT:


People actually live around the top edges. I don’t think I personally could… Every penny of mine would definitely go on food. It would literally surround you.

There are over 90 food stalls, ranging from fresh bread and baked goods, to cheese, fruit, and of course, street food from all around the world. It’s an adult’s version of being a kid in a sweet shop. So many different, colours and smells, all in one (huge), beautiful space.


If you’re ever in the area, I’d definitely recommend you pop by. Of course, with all the positives, there is bound to be a negative and I’m sad to say there is. In this case, its the price tag. Despite the name, the current trend for street food in general means that the price has inflated massively, so in all honesty you’re probably best going for a wander round, and perhaps buying something small, or being inspired to go and find something else that the city of Rotterdam has to offer.


Then again, if you’re a visitor, and only going to be there once, I see no reason not to revel in everything they have to offer. I mean, it must cost a lot for them to be in a space like that, so in some ways I see why it can warrant the price. This in itself though, is one more negative. I obviously went there just before Christmas, so it may have fluctuated because of that, but it was crazy busy. Like, unless you’re happy to walk round with food, standing still isn’t much of an option. It would be like trying to eat whilst stood on the middle of a tube platform at rush hour (Not the best).

Has anyone ever been? If not, are there any amazing food markets you’ve visited?

I hope you have a lovely day, surrounded by food and much merriment!








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