Travel Playlist 11: Christmas Edition

Whether you’re going home, abroad or staying put, here are some Christmas songs to keep you going through the festive period. Don’t worry, I won’t add them to the compiled travel playlist (the Spotify can be found HERE and the list HERE), there’s a time and a place for Christmas songs. This time is now.

First up, with the aid of a fun picture taken whilst Hamilton and I were at the Olympic Park in Munich…

‘Driving Home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea (I see what he did there)

An absolute classic. Definitely going to be sticking this on during my final drive back home from the train station on Christmas Eve.

‘Shake Up Christmas’ by Train

This one I’ve been hearing on BBC Radio 2 a lot recently. For some reason it never really made its way over to the UK, but hopefully from now on we’ll continue to hear in years to come. I mean, Train always manage to put out some good vibes with their music, so of course they’d manage to make a fun, upbeat Christmas tune.

Not long now!




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