#FoodFriday : The Great British Christmas Dinner

Seeing as this time next week will be actual Christmas Day, I thought I’d focus on the fantastic food that we look forward to all year now…


The Great British Christmas Dinner.


Let me set the scene… Crackers. Party hats. Alcohol. Some form of fun patterned napkins. Fancy plates… Plus, food. All the food.

British Christmas Dinner is very similar to our Sunday Roasts aka a roasted meat, roast potatoes and other vegetables, gravy and yorkshire puddings. Traditionally they’re cooked every Sunday. And they’re amazing.


The main difference is that at Crimbo (Brits word for Xmas) they’re BIGGER and BETTER.

My Christmas Dinner is only for 3, so in truth, it isn’t that big! We do have all the trimmings though, and stuff ourselves with every possible course. Then all the inevitable chocolate, sweets and cheese we happen to have lying around just because it’s Christmas.

I don’t know it any differently, but it did get me thinking about how actually a lot of people will get excited about a completely different array of foods – this article that I found on the Telegraph, published on Christmas Day last year was quite the eye opener – KFC on Christmas Day?! Puffin?

I do know that just because its on the internet, doesn’t mean its true. This video, for example does a pretty good job of putting their finger on what we do, aside from a few points…

For example, I personally don’t ever eat brussel sprouts, or Christmas Pudding as I don’t like either. I remember making Christmas Pudding with my Nan when I was younger and immediately being repulsed by it. I mean, boiled cake covered in alcohol that’s set on fire? Why.

I am intrigued though – what do you have for Christmas Dinner? I’ve experienced Thanksgiving which had some crazy variations – sweet potato and marshmallow. In a pie… Unexpected but delicious.

I’m still going to be eating my normal meal on December 25th, but I’d love to give some other meals a go over the Christmas Period. You never know, I might like it more than my own tradition!

It seems unlikely that Yorkshire Puddings (basically the same ingredients as pancakes but cooked in the oven) can be beaten but I’m willing to see.





4 thoughts on “#FoodFriday : The Great British Christmas Dinner

  1. In Finland our Christmas dinner is very different! We have salmon in different forms, ham (nowadays some people like turkey too), casseroles (carrot, potato, turnip), roe with onions and smetana, plain potatoes, beetroot salad, herring… šŸ™‚

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    1. I think I’d be quite happy with salmon for Christmas Dinner! I don’t eat pork or beef etc so my options are pretty much just chicken or turkey at the moment! Roe (Which I had to google) is the one thing I’m not sure of on that list! But it all sounds really good. Maybe I’ll try Roe after Christmas!

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