Italian Interrailing – Verona 

My favourite stop on our little Italian adventure was Verona. We stayed right opposite the bridge entrance to Castelvecchio, the apartment was stunning and with the local knowledge of our host, Francesca, we had a beautiful 2 days exploring this little city.

Verona is one of those places where you don’t really feel like you need to do a lot to have a nice time. It has such pretty little streets and squares that you can just wander around and still feel like you’ve done enough. However, being the good little travellers that we are, we tried to make the most of Verona and take in the romantic, historic culture of the city. A few of my highlights were…

    1. Casa di Giulietta.

You can’t visit Verona without going to Casa di Giulietta and posing for a photo with the statue of Juliet and on her balcony. (Yes we know that Romeo & Juliet has nothing to do with Verona, but it’s fun to imagine and partake in little tourist traditions). The house itself is sweet and the setting is lovely, but be warned, it can get quite crowded! 

2. Piazzale Castel San Pietro. 
Our obsession with sunsets reached new heights in Verona when we walked across Ponte Pietra and up to Piazzale Castel San Pietro to look out at the city as the sun went down. It made Verona even more beautiful and I think I fell in love with the romance of the city in that moment. 

3. The gelato and the coffee.
I must mention the food. My favourite thing about Italy as a whole was the gelato and coffee, and Verona came out so far on top I can’t even remember what the other destinations had to offer. We enjoyed the most amazing gelato from Cremeria del Castelvecchio; my favourite was a scoop of the white chocolate with a scoop of the coffee, heavenly! Our lovely host, Francesca, recommended Via Roma 33 Café for the best espresso and she was not wrong, I wish I could drink it every morning but sadly, nothing in England comes close. We also had delicious pizza in Verona from a little shop down one of the streets off Piazza delle Erbe. 

4. Architecture 
From Castelvecchio to the beautiful historic buildings within the city to the Arena, I loved the architecture of Verona and using our Verona Pass, we were able to explore a fair few places so I would definitely recommend buying one if you want to see as much as possible and save money! 

Verona is so beautiful and I am desperate to go back and explore even more of this perfect little city.

Thanks for reading,
Nai xo 


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