Italian Interailing: Venice

The fourth stop on our Italian adventure was Venice. Beautiful, magical Venice. Having had it on my bucket list for longer than I can remember, I was thrilled to discover that it was just as wonderful as I had hoped it would always be!

As per the rest of our trip, we stayed in a rented apartment, near the Rialto Bridge, giving us an ideal location to explore the city.
Wandering through the narrow streets and over bridges we quickly realised how labyrinthine the city really was! We found many hidden gems tucked away within the multicoloured buildings, such as art galleries, traditional mask shops…and most importantly the best gelato shop of the whole trip!

I would strongly recommend getting the city pass as it allows you to have access to multiple places for a really good rate. Doge’s Palace was a personal highlight as it is an aesthetical wonder. The ballroom is covered in a stunning golden ceiling with beautiful paintings…and yes, we did find ourselves dancing around! If you decide to visit Doge’s, give yourself plenty of time as there is so much to see: ballrooms, bedrooms, museums, dungeons, the Bridge of Sighs…to name but a few!

St Mark’s Square is the hub of the city, with cathedrals, restaurants, palaces, gelatos and the best riverside view, it is no surprise that it is so popular! One of the best ways to view it is by going to the top of the San Marco Campanile – the bell tower. This gives you 360 degree views of the city, which, at sunset is incredible!
And of course, we went on a gondola! These do tend to be expensive, about eighty to a hundred Euros, however, as they are done per boat and not per person, this does make it a little better! You can’t go to Venice and not go on a gondola, after all!
We visited the Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo, and stumbled across the installation by Andrea Morruchio – ‘The Rape of Venice’. It was a captivating projection piece illustrating the effect that tourism has on the city. Taking it from a cultural, historical heritage site, to a commercialised, tourist hub. This stayed with us for the whole trip and was illustrated by the many people trying to sell us ‘selfie-sticks’ and the knock-off, mass made mock Venetian masks.


Venice is a stunning city and I am keen to go back again in the future. I sincerely hope that it remains a beautiful, historical gem as there is nowhere else quite like it.

G x

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