Travel Playlist 9

Travel music one hundred percent depends on the trip. I usually take road trips, hence that’s what my playlists are usually tailored to.

Today, after a few crazy days away, I wanted to focus on the quieter moments of travel. In 3 days, you don’t tend to get these moments! Nonetheless, that’s what Sundays are for; planning a trip with a day left for weekend re-cooperation was definitely a good idea!

The below have some bite, and definitely become ear worms, but won’t take your whole head off.

Alabama Shakes – Dunes

I absolutely adore Alabama Shakes – their first album is probably in my top 20 favourites. This song is from their new record ‘Sound and Colour’, and it definitely hits the spot.


Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros 

You know this song. Everyone knows this song. It’s THE BEST song.

It came on in a gorgeous little cafe I was in the other day; I was sat by a fire, it was snowing outside and I had a warm cuppa in my hands. Honest to god that is my new happy place.

Hence, from now on, ‘Home’ is my go to happy song – I hope you like it as much as I do.


What’s your happy song?







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