#FoodFriday : Pancakes

Pancakes are one of those amazing dishes, that is incredibly versatile and can be eaten at any time of day or year. You can eat pretty much anything on a pancake; most nations have their own take on them, such as dosas (Indian), Kaiserschmarnn (Austrian) and crepes (French). As a Brit, I tend to eat them with sugar and lemon juice, maybe some ice cream if I’m going all out, and I find the evening of Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day to be the time I consume the most. To give more of an exact amount of ‘most’, I would say my own weight in pancakes. If it was a public holiday, I fear I may not survive the day without becoming a pancake.


As a food it is such a simple dish technically: containing only flour, eggs and milk (the same ingredients as Yorkshires Puddings), as well as a topping of your choice. Unless you’re some kind of maniac (or a student) that eats plain ones.  Nonetheless, some pancakes are definitely in different leagues to others.

I would love to whittle it down to just one place, but I’ve had so many good pancakes I can’t do it. So here are the top 3 places I’ve eaten pancakes:


Whilst we were in America, we were mostly camping, and so pancakes weren’t often on the menu. This meant that if they were ever available, we jumped on them. For example, I remember various occasions where we had around 30 minutes to get breakfast before we had to set off, so we ran to a pancake house, scoffed as many as we physically could and then ran back to the van regretting all our decisions and feeling sick.

Seriously though, Americans know what they’re doing. I mean, IHOP proves this; if you’re going to have a house of pancakes, you need to have some idea of what you’re doing.


I’m incredibly lucky to be friends with an amazing foodie, Karolina, who lives in Holland. We lived together in the first year of University and she gave me a mini education in food. Hence when I went to visit her she gave me a food tour of Amsterdam and lucky for me, the top of the list was pancakes. They’re a lot like British pancakes but HUGE and they really don’t mind whether they’re sweet or savoury. I mean, anything with cheese on goes there really.


I’m not going to lie, I was a bit surprised at Croatia’s obsession with pancakes, because if I’m honest I tend to imagine them being eaten in a cold climate. I just didn’t expect them to be on the menu. I often found Croatian food to be quite simple, though hearty. Near Plitvice for example, one menu had just one main meal to offer (potatoes and vegetables), your only choice was what meat you got. If you were a vegetarian, you just didn’t ask for meat.

Saying this though, they still made pancakes. Just meat, potatoes and pancakes. And since it’s rude to not eat everything they give you there, by the time we got to pancakes we could hardly move. Just so, so much sausage. After a quick shot of local liquor though, pancakes were off our plates and in our stomachs.

What’s your preferred pancake topping?



P.S sorry for the lack of photos: it seems my stomach comes first.



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