#TravelTuesday: Some of our favourite VLoggers explore Munich

With two days to go until our trip to Munich, Germany I’ve been doing what I do best: preparation. This time, via the 21st century’s most recent world Encyclopedia: YouTube.

YouTube holds the key to so many things: How to change a tyre, how to do a backflip, how to perfect flick your eyeliner… I’m sure you already do, but if not, why not use it to research a place too? Seeing is believing, after all.

VLogs are great, as they’re like a blog, so you can see someone’s personal experiences, but you can physically see what they can too. I love both, and we’ll definitely be producing vlogs as well as blogs as a result of our trip this weekend.

These were filmed and posted at different times of the year, so the Munich we will experience won’t be the same, nonetheless it gives a really good insight into what there is to do and see, and is great for inspiration. For example, I know for a fact that we have a few different things planned to them, especially Christmas Markets. This makes it all the more exciting though – we can get a feel for the city through the medium of YouTube, and then get our own perspectives when we visit there for ourselves. I like to plan, but not to the point where I already know everything that’s going to happen. I mean, it’s not an adventure without some surprises along the way now, is it?

Here are some of my favourite YouTubers and their experiences in Munich:

Sixpenny Globe (My Personal Faves)

Hey Nadine

The Smart Local







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