Travel Playlist 8

First up, Slow Club! I remember listening to this song whilst skiing down mountains a few years ago, and I still know and can’t help singing all the words whenever I hear it. They have a bunch of other amazing songs; their newest album is a bit different, but in a good way.

We saw them at Truck last year, and I still get a bit emosh thinking of their rendition of ‘Not Mine to Love‘.

I’d basically recommend just adding all of their back catalogue to your travel playlist. If you have space… If not, this one should keep you going:

Slow Club – If We’re Still Alive


The next song is one we all know. Like, EVERYONE knows it. That’s what makes it so perfect for a road trip. I’ve kind of neglected pop, but I’m realising how much of a mistake this is and will definitely be including more of it as time goes by.

There’s nothing like a group sing along on a long journey.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody






p.s. You can find the complete travel playlist so far right HERE.

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