Travel Playlist 7: Country Edition

This week’s playlist is as usual inspired by the road, but this time also by home, with a country vibe to it. As I mentioned on Thursday, our next big trip is gonna be USA bound, and well, you can’t have an American Road Trip without some country, can you?

On Wednesday Night, I went to see the fabulous, talented and extremely lovely Kacey Musgraves. I’ve seen her play before, and my goodness, she only gets better.

Thus, I thought it would be the perfect time to include her song ‘Dime Store Cowgirl’. At the concert she talked about how someone once said [read in a strong Texan accent] “Don’t wear your hat like that, it makes you look like some kind of a dime store cowgirl.” And she stuck with it, and now look at her. She sold out the Royal Albert Hall; the last time a country artist did that was in 2003.

Though it’s unlikely many people have ever been called a Dime Store Cowgirl, I think the lyrics are extremely relatable. Especially for travellers. Even though we’re desperate to get out and see the world, to quote Dorothy, there’s no place like home:

“Had to get away so I could grow
But it don’t matter where I’m goin’
I’ll still call my hometown home”

Dime Store Cowgirl – Kacey Musgraves


Now, this playlist is a country edition for a reason: tonight I’m lucky enough to be seeing the fantastic Striking Matches (That’s right, two country gigs in a week – don’t be jel). They’ve had a bunch of their songs used in the TV show Nashville (100 percent my favourite programme) and so I’ve gone for this one of theirs performed with the one and only, Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar in Nashville. When I saw them at the Borderline (To my absolute amazement), they brought out Sam Palladio and Chaley Rose to sing it with them.

The song itself is quite fun and upbeat, and though isn’t too emotional, is a good reminder to embrace where you are and do what you want, because we only live once. Plus, this one was performed at the Historic Grand Ole Opry, where I’m fingers crossed hoping to visit along our road trip next year.

I Ain’t Leaving Without Your Love – Striking Matches and Sam Palladio


What are your favourite country songs?







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