Italian Inter-Railing: Roma

Having both developed a love for Italian fashion, architecture and, most importantly, food, Naomi and I felt Italy calling our names. Therefore, we decided a trip was in order! After picking all of the items on our Italian bucket list (and trust me, there were quite a few), we planned our route: Rome > Florence/Tuscany > Bologna > Venice > Verona > Lake Garda > Milan. This would take us from the middle of the country and across the north border, through cities, countryside and mountainous landscapes. Using the 10 day interail pass, we were ready to see as much of Italy possible! First up: Roma!

How to do Rome in a day (…or two)…

Day One: Visiting the Vatican

Having arrived at midday on the first day, we decided to dive straight into the deep end of Rome’s historical culture. St Peter’s Basilica is a plethora of aesthetical wonders, so I recommend that you spend your time looking upwards in order to see the awe-inspiring ceilings. Michaelangelo’s dome takes centre stage, with it’s incredible detail and light beaming through the middle, it is something that you cannot miss!

Having walked around for hours in pure admiration, we decided to have dinner al-fresco (we were in Italy, in summer, after all!) and found a small restaurant down the street from the Basilica. This turned out to be the best decision, and one that we’d stick to for the whole trip, especially as Italian sunsets are gorgeous and so not something we wanted to miss out on.

Day Two: Touristing it up! 

Yes, I know it’s not cool to be a tourist. But it’s practically impossible not to do it in such an iconic city!

We discovered that all of Rome’s major landmarks are closer together than imagined. So, within the morning, we had visited the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, with time for a glass of wine and slice of pizza!

In the afternoon we walked over to the quaint Piazza della Rotonda. Situated in the centre of the square is the gargantuan Pantheon. Looking ever so slightly out of place, this landmark serves as a strong reminder of the history of the city.

We finished the day by heading over to Pincio Hill. Surrounded by the sound of a sole violinist, and, with a significantly less amount of tourists, the view of the city basking in the sunset is the perfect way to finish a visit to Rome.

… next stop, Florence!

Yours, G X


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