Sunday Night Viewing

Aside from the back to work dread, I love my Sunday evenings. After a generally crazy weekend (Mostly from ticking off my long to do list), it’s nice to have time to wind down and catch up on some things I’ve missed in the week. This tends to mean an evening curled up under a blanket reading blogs, watching TV and seeing what the Internet has been up to. Especially YouTube wise.  There are some amazing Travel Vloggers out there, some whom even somehow manage to produce as content as regularly as us. So there can be a lot to catch up on! 

Tonight for example, it’s 9pm here in Britain, and after driving back from a weekend in Brighton, my evening has mostly consisted of Nashville, Modern Family and travelling (via YouTubers).

Fun for Louis is probably my favourite, but there are a lot to choose from (I’ll post on all my favourite travel YouTubers another time). He produces daily videos of all the crazy stuff he gets up to, such as this gorgeous 360 degree video (All 360 videos blow my mind a little bit, if I’m honest). If you haven’t seen one before, it’s designed to be watched on a mobile device – move your phone or tablet around… And the video will move with it. Rather clever. 

Alternatively, to move in the opposite technological direction, whilst I was scrolling through YouTube tonight I came across this absolute gem, about what it was like flying in the 1960s. Spoiler alert: it was FABULOUS with a capital ‘F’. 

A lot has changed in travel! And now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s changed for the better… I mean, I barely have room to blink on a plane, never mind play chess!

Who are your favourite YouTubers?






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