I could very easily be a hoarder; I really, really like to keep stuff. Well, only what’s important.

To me, that’s memories.

Thankfully, I make a point of not keeping everything; I like to scrapbook and so tend to keep tickets, letters, photos etc. But not down to my daily bus ticket or anything. They’re always fun to put together, and it’s lovely to spend time looking through them and catching up on memories. My only problem with scrapbooks though, is that unless you make a point of getting them out and looking through them, you can’t always benefit.

This is why I like to leave a few things out. Just above my desk I have a few of my favourite photos, postcards, weird/random notes picked up along the way. Here’s (in my opinion) the best of the best of that wall from my travels:

 The retro postcard is always my first port of call. I mean, LOOK AT THEM. Old typography is madness. (I do send them too btw, but obviously it would be a bit strange to ask for them back.)





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