Munich. Let’s Do This.

Happy Monday!

This week is set to be a good one in the world of Travel Tea TV. Keep your eyes peeled for some bloody good posts. Not to blow our own trumpet, or anything. We’re just excited, that’s all.

To start with, we’ve gone and done it. Hamilton and I have booked our flights and accommodation for our trip to Munich early this December…

As a plan-a-holic, I’ve had a google doc ready for months and months with ideas of where to stay, where to go, where to eat – an accumulation of blogs and guidebooks I’ve perused, such as the recent ones by ‘The Whiskey Wanderer’. But equally as someone with terrible FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I thought I would do one last post to ask if anybody had any recommendations for us?

We’re staying between Marienplatz and the train station, and flying out early on a Thursday morning, and coming back late Saturday night. The main purpose of our trip is to visit Christmas Markets, but a bit (a lot) of beer wouldn’t go amiss and of course, the many museums and sights of beautiful Munich. I’m hoping we’ll be able to cram in as much as poss; I know it’s going to be freezing cold but I’ve never been to Germany so I’m crazy excited.

Freezing temperature ain’t s’now trouble for us.

So, yeh. We’ll post about it when we get back, and will probs make a video.




P.S. I apologise for the snow pun. Snow might put is in a spot of trouble.




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