Weekly playlist time!

Sunday is my absolute favourite time to write these. Chilling out… Listening to music… Picturing myself on the road. Well, that’s the one catch. I’m normally housed in by 4 walls dreaming of where these songs can take me, rather than embracing them and taking them to their full potential… Being pumped into my ears in an epic setting.

Nonetheless, I think these little moments make the big ones all the more sweet. If I was always on the road doing something sublime, I might lose track of them. It was like when we were in Norway; once we’d seen one AMAZING fjord, we weren’t as wowed by each one we were lucky enough to lay eyes on, but if I was suddenly transported to one now, I’d be blown away.

That’s part of the reason I wanted to include tea and tv in this blog; as much as I love to travel, everyday real life is about more than that. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that planning is one of my favourite things, and tea and TV go hand in hand with them – TV is a fab inspiration for travel, and there’s nothing like taking a moment over a warm cuppa to get the creative brainwaves going.

The songs I’ve chosen for this week are ones I encountered while on my regular journey into work, that got me day dreaming. I can’t wait to hear them on the road, but for now, they improve my hour and a half commute ten fold. I hope you like them too.

First up, is Black Betty, by Ram Jam. 

Earlier this week, I bought a new CD. That’s right, you can actually still buy those.

This song was on it. And I’ve pretty much wrecked the CD because I’ve listened to it so many times already.

Next, is Mountain At My Gates, by Foals. 

Looking through the list of songs already on the playlist, two of them have the word ‘mountain’ in them. So basically, if you’re not sure what songs to add to a travel list, it seems searching for the word mountain is likely going to give you some solid options.





For the rest of the playlist, click/tap right… HERE


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