FOOD FRIDAY : Hot Chocolate

Now hopefully the words ‘Food Friday’ before ‘Hot Chocolate’ have already alerted you to the fact that I’m talking about the hot, milky beverage as opposed to the 70s soul band, Hot Chocolate. Both are of course, very sexy things.

Of course, out of all the hot drinks, tea is my favourite. To write anything otherwise wouldn’t be anything short of blasphemy. Nonetheless, every now and again I do like to indulge in some chocolatey goodness. I couldn’t drink a lot of it – sometimes it’s a bit rich for me, but it is a nice treat.


Certain seasons and scenery do of course play a big part in enhancing this too. Today I’d like to talk about the three best hot chocolates I’ve ever had:

  1. Under a shelter out of the pouring rain at a damp camp site 

We were out of tea bags. It was freezing cold. And it was like a warm, chocolatey hug. 

2. At Rumsey’s Chocolate Shop, in Wendover, Buckinghamshire

If for some reason you ever find yourself with time to kill on a winter’s morn in the Aylesbury Vale, get yourself a hot chocolate     from here. You won’t be disappointed. (If you’re there in summer, get a milkshake. They’re to die for. )

3. Any time on top of a mountain

There’s something special about drinking hot chocolate at the top of a mountain. Ever since I was a kid I looked forward to         coming off the slope and into the warm log cabins that house ski resorts bars and cafes, to get a chocolat chaud. It may have     been the simple fact of having a break, and a sit down in the warm, with the bonus of a hot chocolate, but nevertheless it’s         the hot chocolate (with extra whipped cream on top) that gives me a nice feeling inside and good memories in my mind. 







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