#THROWBACKTHURSDAY – Skiing / Christmas / Paris Video

Before I begin with today’s post, I would like to wish you all a HAPPY BONFIRE NIGHT. (We posted about the origins of this / the biggest event in the country yesterday – if you are completely confused by my statement, you can find the article here)

Now back to regular writings:

Aside from the well warranted interruption in the form of our bonfire night post, this has been a wintery week of blogging and this post is continuing the trend. I’m basically attempting to find ways to repress my Christmas obsession… They say writing is good for your mental health. For me, it’s definitely true – it stops me becoming a relentless Christmas Maniac.

Thursdays are always a throwback, and this week is a good’un; over the Christmas / New Year period of 2013, I had THE BEST TIME. A few days in Paris with my best friends, (some of whom make up our Travel Tea TV Team – “The TTTT” or “TTT Team” if you like) before Christmas with my family, and then skiing in the French Alps. It was snowy and cold, but created a warm place in my heart. For real.

As always, I made a video. This one is filled with family fun, attempts at French and a touch of gangster with a cribz pastiche in our apartment in Paris. Thinking about it, Croatia is the only place we managed to hold back on some cribz-ing. (Yep, I’ve made it a verb. Deal with it.)

I hope you like the video – let me know what you think! As per usual, if you want to know more, you can find the previous written blog post here.






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