Good films take us on a journey in a way that can sometimes make us feel that we lived the experiences ourselves. Great lives and journeys of extraordinary people are often made into movies; Travel and Film tend to go hand in hand, inspiring and generating the other. Who can truly, one hundred percent, hand on heart say they’ve never had their wanderlust boosted after seeing an inspirational film? I certainly can’t. Only the other week, I went to see Everest and left with all sorts of plans floating about in my head. Ok, not necessarily to go and climb Everest because that film was slightly scarring – considering I can barely make it through the day on a flat surface without walking into something, I’m 98 percent sure I’d be the first one to slide off a mountain if I decided to attempt the summit.

Anyway, back to films. Lots of different devices are used in film to create what we remember so vividly. In my opinion, music is one of the more prominent features. As I’ve stated in previous posts, songs have done wonders to enhance my personal travel experiences – films do the same; I can’t listen to certain songs without welling up, or laughing, or having all sorts of emotional reactions after being reminded of a scene from a movie.

Recently, I’ve had two film soundtracks on repeat: ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ and ‘Wild’. I’ve discussed both of them in previous posts, but been too overwhelmed by the story to remember to mention the music. But my god, they’re good. I absolutely LOVED both films and like any good soundtrack, the music brings the memories pouring back.

In this way, adding them to a travel playlist can be a great idea. For those moments when you’ve been driving for too long, or got completely lost, or missed a flight, sticking on a song from your favourite movie / scene can improve your day tenfold. It does for me anyhow.


Here are a couple of examples of this:

‘Step Out’ By Jose Gonzalez (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

These are for those moments when you’re not sure if you’re ready, you’re scared to take the leap. Don’t worry – you got this. It’s gonna be epic.

‘El Condor Pasa (If I Could)’ by Simon and Garfunkel

And these are for those moments when it’s all got a bit much. And you want to have a little cry. But you know it’ll get better.

‘I Can Never Go Home Anymore’ by The Shangri-Las 

‘Don’t Let It Pass’ by Junip

I got a bit into that, didn’t I! There are a million more soundtracks and films out there, but for now, please excuse me as I need to go and watch Wild and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty over and over again.






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