Out of all the videos I’ve ever made, this one has to be my favourite. Mostly because it’s one of the best trips I’ve ever undertaken; I mean, a month travelling the US from coast to coast. Basically what my day and night dreams have forever been made of, to say the least.

For me, a video improves my memories ten fold – similar to panoramas written about yesterday, film footage brings it all back to me and gives me the feeling of being there. Nothing can recreate the experience, but then again, there are things you can forget that videos remind you of.

Upon coming home from this trip I couldn’t wait to talk about hiking the Grand Canyon, seeing the Statue of Liberty, Line Dancing in Nashville, but this video reminded me that some of my best memories weren’t the big things – they were the little things too, like hanging out in camp, making smores and singing songs.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making / living it.

If anyone has any travel / trip videos they’ve made I would LOVE to see them. Can’t resist a bit of travel vlogger inspiration!

I’m already planning a bit of stop motion to go with the next big trip… I may get almost as excited about producing the videos as I do about going on the trip. I suppose it’s lucky considering it’s now my day job though!

If you like the video, and want more, the posts from the original trip can be found on our USA pages here and pictures from Flickr can be seen here.

Thanks for reading / watching!







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