Back in August, two friends and I took to mainland Europe for two weeks, travelling around some of the continent’s most famous capital cities in search of culture, beauty and nightlife. Our third stop: Prague.

The excitement for Prague had been palpable for some days. The hostel we’d chosen; Mosaic House, is rated as one of the best hostels in the world. Pretty cheap with huge mixed-gender dorms, a bar, club and restaurant all within the building; so you can imagine why. By this point in the trip, we’d accepted that temperatures reaching up to 38C everyday was commonplace, so we left our train all geared up and ready for whatever Prague had to throw at us.


The hostel didn’t disappoint, nevertheless we decided to drop our bags first and check out some local Prague food and famous cheap beer with the idea of exploring our hostel’s amenities later. That also didn’t disappoint. For the change in your back pocket, we had delicious traditional Czech dishes with flagons of beer, in a very smoky local pub, and it was great!

Full-up and slightly tipsy, we agreed to spend the evening drinking at our hostel bar instead of heading out on the town, with the thought that we should get a good night’s sleep so we could explore the next day.

We turned up in the club/bar area and discovered that we were there on Karaoke night. YES! The calibre of the people performing was exceptional, until we took to the stage. After a few drinks we decided we should sing Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader, our first performance of the night, and what a performance it was.

Shortly after carelessly embarrassing ourselves we went to the bar and my friend ordered a shot, but it wasn’t just any shot, oh no. While attempting to drink three different shots, he had to wear a baseball cap and was repeatedly beat over the head with a metal bat by the bar staff. Everyone in the bar thought this was fantastic, and so did my friend; less than an hour later he found himself back at the bar being smacked around the head again and drinking shots. By the time we made it to bed, and who knows when that was, we were definitely not going to be getting a good night’s sleep.


The following day we headed into the centre of the city, and it was genuinely beautiful. The streets have wonderful architecture, the atmosphere is buzzing but laid back, and there is history around every corner. We walked around all day exploring the sights and wandering around the streets, ending in the Jewish district. While incredibly interesting and highly recommended, everything here costs for entry and it isn’t particularly cheap, so make sure to budget if you’re looking for more than just an outside view of the buildings.

There is also quite a lot to see in Prague, but it is very close together and most of the historic buildings fall within a small radius of each other. We only had one full day there so didn’t get a chance to see it all, but I imagine that more than two/three days and you would find yourself running out of things to do.


That evening we attended the bar crawl which started in our hostel, and I would really recommend it! It was one of my favourite bar crawls from the trip; it had just the right amount of people, 90 minutes of free drinking, some great bars and an awesome five storey club at the end. Be warned however, it is a very heavy night.

The next day when I woke up, we had about 20 minutes to leave the hostel, and both of my friends were still drunk. We took to our favourite fast food chain to eat away the alcohol before making our back back to the train station. Prague had been the perfect whirlwind of culture, nightlife and fun. 

Our next stop: Budapest.

~ Hamilton


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