I love food. I even used to work on a TV show about food. I also eat it every day. Often, more than once. So it’s somewhat surprising that I don’t post about it more.

This is about to change.

Now, to clarify, I don’t consider myself a food connoisseur or anything. Some of the best meals I’ve had have come from unsurprising, and often uninspiring places. A hotel at New Jersey airport had the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten, for example.

Though remember, I tend to travel on a budget. Any food is sometimes good.

For the first post of this kind, I thought I’d go for something very close to my heart… Fika.

Fika is a Swedish notion, that basically involves drinking coffee (or tea) with a pastry. What’s not to like?!

Earlier this year, I went to Stockholm and indulged in Fika as many times as I possibly could. Breakfast… Fika. Lunch… Fika. 8am… Fika. 3 30pm… You guessed it. Fika.
Aside from a few random coffee shops along the way, the main location for our Fika was ‘Vete Katten’, which was about 5 minutes from our hotel and the train station. A famous cafe serving many delicious treats, as well as, meals.
If you ever go to Stockholm make it your first port of call. Forgot visiting family members, or checking into your hotel, or going to that business meeting. Make Fika your priority.


Vete Katten pretty much saved my life (Slight exaggeration). On the way to the train station from the Old Town, we stopped at Vete Katten and bought some pastries (Cinnamon Buns, obvs) planning on eating them when we got home to rub in all our friend’s faces. Nonetheless there was a huge queue at Border Control back in London and I was so hungry I thought I would pass out and I didn’t manage to get the pastries back to my house. Hence, emergency Fika was born.

If you can’t make it to Stockholm however, don’t fret. If you’re London based / willing to make the trip, Covent Garden has a fantastic Swedish Bakery called ‘Bageriet‘. It’s down a tiny little street and cute as a button. The pastries however, are huge. And worth the money.

I might go there tomorrow. Of course their cinnamon buns are amazing. But their Vanilla Hearts are a personal recommendation.

If you go there and accidentally buy too much, feel free to send me your extras in the post.

I’ve also heard there is a ‘Little Sweden’ near Marylebone, but I’m yet to visit so that could be another good pastry potential if you can’t be asked with a trip to Covent Garden.

What’s the  best meal you’ve ever had whilst travelling? Not sure it counts if you cooked it yourself.





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