Munich Suggestions, Anyone?

Yes I’m Christmas mad. But no, I haven’t gone insane. Hamilton was singing Christmas songs earlier and it reminded me of our upcoming Christmas trip… These things always creep up faster than you imagine.

As I mentioned not long ago, soon Hamilton and I will be booking our trip to Munich (In our diaries for early December). I’ve done the usual blog rounds, and google, but wondered if anyone had any personal recommendations on where to stay, what to do, where to eat etc?

Hamilton speaks good German, and has been there many times but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been! Austria, yes. Germany, no. I’m extremely excited to say the least.

So, where’s not to miss in Munich?

This is my list so far…

  • BMW Museum (Free)
  • Deutsche Museum
  • St Peters Church Tower (Free)
  • Natural History Museum/Museum of Man and Nature (One euro on sundays, unsure of price otherwise)
  • Museum Brandhorst – art gallery, with works by Warhol, Richter, Hirst etc (One euro on sundays)
  • English Garden

I asked on Twitter, and @TobyLeupold incredibly helpfully stepped up and offered some advice! To visit ‘Rooftop of mandarin oriental (quite expensive but really cool). middle age market () and “schwabinger weihnachtsmarkt”. also: pink x-mas () or the one in english garden at chineses tower’ which I can’t wait to follow up on! So I think I’m pretty well set up with Christmas Markets now…

The next thing is where to stay? We want to go Thursday to Sunday at the start of December and are on a fairly limited budget… So it doesn’t have to be central as long as the area it is in is nice and it’s easy to travel around from there. We’re not currently planning on getting a car (for once!) so I guess it would be the Underground system?

Thank you so so much, even if you can only offer a tiny amount of advice it’s much appreciated!





P.S. Don’t worry a blog will still be going out about Christmas Markets in Germany, but our blogger didn’t visit Munich so I can’t heed her (would be) fantastic advice on this one!


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