Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside

*Recommended reading suggestion – with a steaming cup of tea/ hot chocolate / hot beverage of your choice*

Firstly, it’s getting a bit chilly here in the UK. Very chilly in fact. Both double duvets are on the bed I’m sat in right now. Secondly, sorry for saying baby.

Last Christmas I got an amazing North Face jacket, which I always feel incredibly smug wearing in this weather. It’s pretty much the equivalent to being wrapped up in a duvet watching the rain. But with more people watching.

I know it’s only October, but this cold weather makes me feel rather Christmassy… There’s potential I’ve started buying Christmas presents.

This Christmassy feeling reminded me that soon Hamilton and I will be booking our Christmas Trip to… Munich! I can’t remember if I already said that or not, but nevertheless I’m very excited. I’ve never been to a German Christmas Market, but I know someone that does, and she’s very kindly going to write a little post on here in case anyone else is interested. I’ve never even heard of some of the places she’s suggested! From her descriptions they sound fab though.

So it’s not quite Christmas yet, but it’s creeping up on us… Thus I thought I’d share some of my favourite wintery snaps; most of which are from the French Alps / my garden (Don’t worry, they’re just Wintery, not Christmassy. I wouldn’t do that).

I’ll wait to publish about Christmas Markets until Autumn is behind us, I promise. Aka, straight after Halloween.






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