Travel Playlist

A long, long time ago while I was prepping for a big trip, I created a road trip playlist via this blog and as I’m currently preparing for another one, I thought it might be fun to start it up again.

The last ‘big’ trip in my mind, was road tripping across the good old US of A where the pre-made road trip playlist very much came in handy, but that’s not to say I didn’t come back with some new favourites…

‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii was definitely our theme song, and I distinctly remember listening to it at 3 30am, when we were on our way to the top of the trail to hike down part of the Grand Canyon in order to watch the sun rise. It’s something I’ll never forget and listening to that song will always bring that memory to the front of my mind. Hence it’s definitely going on the new playlist.

Old favourites are great, but this doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the classics. ‘Bad Moon Rising’ is the ultimate road trip song in my humble opinion and is the first new song on this playlist.

What’s always on your travel playlist?






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