A few years back, on the cusp of Winter, a friend and I visited Dublin. Whilst there, we got the Dublin Pass (Which allows you free/discounted entry to attractions in Dublin). We visited the castle, Guinness Factory, a million churches and much more… Including a jail. 

As lovers of the weird and wonderful this sounded right up our street. I mean, it’s not every day you get to visit a jail. Well, I would hope. (Unless you work at one or something) 

Anyway, it was included in the pass so we walked (It took around 30 minutes from the city centre if I remember rightly – it’s not too far from the Guinness Factory) and then got a tour. 

Honestly, it was haunting – funnily enough the stories about the many executions there induce this feeling. I will spare you these, as they have a much better effect whilst you’re stood inside the bare walls of a cell. 

It’s not a working jail any more, but you may recognise  it as the location of many film and television productions including The Italian Job, The Escapist, Ripper Street and Primeval. If you’re planning a trip to Dublin, I would definitely recommend it. 






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