Airbus Tetris

There are a lot of exciting new developments happening in air travel every day… I’m unsure if this is one of them.

Airbus have patented a new seating design for the inside of planes, whereby there are two levels of seating. One above the other.


Not directly, as in you wouldn’t have someone’s feet dangling over your shoulders, but nonetheless there is someone roughly above you. The advantage to this is that, supposedly there is more room to lay down. I’m not going to lie, that sounds damn good to me. Then again, I’m not particularly claustrophobic… I can imagine if you are, it would be hell.

After camping for over a month while travelling a couple of years ago, I can sleep pretty much anywhere – aside from planes. I can cat nap, at a push, but for the life of me I just cannot get comfortable. Buses, tents, pretty much anywhere I can lay out in my sleeping bag, yes. If there really is the option to fully lay down without paying first class prices, I’m all ears.

I’m not 100 percent for what distance flights these are designed for, but if it’s a long one, I can imagine you might make some new friends. Or enemies. I for one, am excited for the future. Never did I think this would be the next step though.

What do you think? Can you sleep on a plane? Would you want to get on this one?






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