Don’t forget to look on your own door step

We’ve all been there; got a taste of the adventure and wanted to go to another exciting, far flung place. Sadly, we don’t have the time and/or money. 
This doesn’t mean you can’t experience something new, interesting, beautiful, cultural… 
This weekend we are going to a wedding that is taking place a short drive away from me, at a country house. I could go there any day of the week. Yet I’ve never actually been inside it. 

This got me thinking, there are so many places a stones throw away that I’ve never been to. Recently with work I have been travelling the country and again, seen parts I’d never even considered for my list of places to travel to. I always try to seek out places of interest, after a job interview earlier this year for example I realised just how close I was to The British Museum and so managed to make use of my train ticket and spend the afternoon there (It’s free by the way!) The fact that I remember how happy it made me to make such good use of an otherwise unplanned afternoon, makes me realise how many missed opportunities I have had. While summer is still treating us I shall attempt to make the most of my surroundings.

I have posted previously on places near to me, such as Hughenden Manor, and I will post about the wedding this weekend at some point. In the mean time I would love to hear about what’s local to you, whether you’ve been there or not. And if not, I’d love to know what it’s like when you make the time to go. 

Soon, I hope. 






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