I consider myself to be pretty lucky. I’m 21, and I’ve experienced some amazing things, like Walking up the Eiffel Tower, driving the Atlantic Ocean Road, hiking parts of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, watching glass blowing on Murano Island in Venice, gone on a boat around Niagara Falls… And much more! 

I’ve really learnt just how key planning is in all this, and how amazing everyone is at giving advice when you’re in the middle of it all! 

So… Next up, Croatia! At the end of this month, myself and a friend are road tripping the beautiful country from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. We’re planning on spending a few days in Zagreb, before driving down to Plitvice, then Split, where we’ll get the ferry across to Hvar and stay there before coming back to the mainland and finishing in Dubrovnik! 

The main activities we have planned are museum visiting, hiking, sea kayaking and zip lining. 

Does anyone have any recommendations of places to stay/things to do? Hvar was a big recommendation from friends and now something I’m ridiculously excited about! 





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