Sorry it’s been so long.

I hope you’re keeping well.

In the last couple of months, I did not fall off the face of the earth. In fact, I did almost the opposite in wandering around a few places in the world.

Some may be slightly irrelevant by now, as they happened at Christmas time, but the place itself still exists and I have my wonderful memories to type into this device and share with you all.

As I said just before Christmas, as well as writing about foreign travel, I’m going to start writing more about places close to me. I’ve already written about my trip to Hughenden Manor at Christmas time, but I would like to add a few more, as it’s easy to forget that people actually visit where I live as a holiday! And rightly so, I live in Brighton at the moment, and it’s a brilliant, whimsical place full to the brim with anything and everything a tourist could desire (except a sandy beach, mountains, a desert etc – this is still England. Sorry.)

0918_001-0001 copy 4

So if you have any questions about Brighton (or Buckinghamshire, where I grew up), I will do my best to answer them, otherwise I’m just going to write about things that I like/have experienced. You’re welcome to ask on here, or via my twitter (@abipageaustin).

Though saying that, my next write up will be of my trip to the Netherlands to see my very good friend, Karolina.

Much love,



P.S. This page will be undergoing somewhat of a remodel very soon. So look out for that.


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