It’s been a long old while since I’ve updated this. In fact, you may notice I’ve just changed the title. As much as I loved America (if I could go back tomorrow, I would), I can’t afford to go back there any time soon, which would mean this blog would become a bit redundant, as it did. However, I still travel regularly and so, would like to devote this blog to the world, as opposed to just the good old US of A. 

Before Christmas, I went to Paris and after I went skiing in the French alps – I’ll do a write up and post videos/pictures from them both in the coming weeks. 

Also, I’m going to be doing a road trip around Norway in June and may be going interrailing around Germany/Switzerland/Europe in general in May. So there will be lots of things going on! 

For now, I’ve put loads of pictures on my flickr – flickr.com/cupoftea93 and I do still update my twitter regularly (not always on travel mind you!) – Twitter.com/abipageaustin 

I also have another blog, again not about travel, which is abisphotoaday.wordpress.com

If anyone has any suggestions on good places to visit on a budget, I’d love to hear them! (I’m a student, so can’t afford any luxury holidays at the present unless they’re free of course!) 





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