A month and a day…

This time next month we should (hopefully) be all packed and ready. Have everything, and I mean everything, sorted and ready to go. All in preparation for the flight the next day.

For what feels like donkeys years we’ve been getting ourselves set up for this, and now we’re so close I guess it’s time to start finalising the details!!

Things I need to sort (not in any particular order of importance)

– Money (Currency card v cash? Anyone?)

– Clothing

– An American sim card

– Which hat to wear

– Seriously what do I do about tea, I’ve heard it’s disgusting in America

– What we’re actually going to do in each city

– Some other things I’ve probably forgotten that Naomi will helpfully remind me of

As riveting as that all was, that probably wasn’t that exciting for you. Sorry. But if you do have any input I’ll be all ears, as I’ve left these late mainly because I don’t have the answers.

If that wasn’t of interest to you. Here is a gif of a turtle falling over: http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/webdr03/2013/5/15/9/anigif_enhanced-buzz-4932-1368625025-6.gif





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