Well, hello there!

With 6 months to go (to the day) until Naomi and I begin our trek, as per usual, I thought I’d be organised. Today my organisation is in the form of starting a blog because I am over prepared, and over excited.

Let me explain. In July, Naomi and I (Abi) will be leaving lil old England and travelling to the US of A. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we’ve never the left the house before – we have. Just not for this long, or for an adventure. Ok, it’s not really an adventure, it’s all planned out, but let me have my fun – the only place I’ve been in America is Utah. So this is a fairly big deal.

I’ll put updates on here with all the exciting stuff that’s going on. For example, ‘Look! I got a sleeping bag! ‘ (Together with picture of me enthusiastically holding up a sleeping bag)

Basically, this is an outlet for my eagerness, to stop me driving my friends and family insane.




P.S. For updates on my everyday life, follow me on Twitter @abipaustin


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